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Creating the Perfect Resume

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Having an up-to-date resume is essential, even for those not in a position for a new job. By keeping your resume current, you can eliminate a great deal of time when you will need your resume polished up.

When creating your resume, you will want to ensure that everything perfectly exemplifies who you are as an employee and a person. By successfully getting your skills and personality across through your resume, you can get your foot in the door for that first interview!

But how should you start? Some employers want extensive education, while others focus on work experience. Finding the right balance can be difficult, especially for anyone changing career paths.

Transferable skills are critical to any resume, especially for individuals leaving one industry for another. What skills you have learned from any past employment can help aid your chances for an interview, even if they do not seem related.

If you require a new resume or some help polishing up an old version, CAAB Writing can make the process easy and painless. Contact us today to see how a professional resume will get you in the door to your next big job prospect!

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