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Using Active And Passive Voice To Change Your Readers' Reaction

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

For many readers, using the active or passive voice isn't recognizable, but for writers, it can change how a reader interprets the written information. Both ways have their benefits in a time and place that will work for them.

The active voice is the most widely-used form of sentence structure for written work, established as a subject (noun) that acts (verb). An example of this would be: The cat hunted the mouse.

The passive voice has circumstances where it is valid and used. Recognized for the subject (noun) being acted upon by the activity (verb), an example of this would be: The mouse was hunted by the cat.

There are subtle differences between the two forms; when used properly, they can get the point across to the reader. Generally, the active voice is direct and easy to read. When examining the passive voice, it typically contains a preposition and is wordy. Businesses want to project confidence and authority in their market.

If your website content contains passive voice writing, your target audience may not be comfortable with your company's perceived identity. Ensure that you are getting the exposure and reaction out of your readers that you need. Talk to CAAB today and explore how we can help modify your website content to generate the results you want.

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